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Sulphur for the masses!

Yes, sulphur! For everybody! And free!
Why? Because Sulphur is the codename of the upcoming release of Fedora, the ninth version of it.
The release-date of Fedora 9 is the 29th of April, and then it most probably will also quickly find its way onto my computers (expecting that there is no such upgrade-problem as there was from 7 to 8 ).

One of the biggest and probably the most noticeable change change (and the one I'm really looking forward to see) must be the switch to KDE4. A view into the development-version also showed improvements on the installation- and updating-tools and many little changes here and there.

As usual I will do a testrun in a virtual environment before I let it loose on my PC and my Notebook (and the server I recently installed with Fedora 8 at work).


Sulphur has been delayed a


Sulphur has been delayed a bit. It was supposed to be out in 2 days, but now it's 17 days until it's available.

Let us know how it goes. I

Let us know how it goes. Smiling

I am on Hardy right now.. not sure if I'll spare time to give Fedora a whirl, but the switch to KDE4 intrigues me. Kubuntu only has a preview edition more or less so it'd be interesting to see a distro actually switch wholesale to it, if that's what Fedora 9 will do?


Yes, Fedora 9 will come


Yes, Fedora 9 will come with KDE 4. And as far as I can see from the Preview-Release (the current Rawhide-version) only KDE 4, no more KDE 3.

I'll give a report here how it goes, and I actually can't wait to have it on my box.

Awesome, and quite bold I

Awesome, and quite bold I might add. Smiling It is stated that KDE 4.0.x is not really full featured and production ready. I suppose Fedora will attempt to fill in the blanks?

I might give it a go. Smiling


Well, not everything is


Well, not everything is ready. But the parts that are not ready have been ported from KDE 3.5 so that still everything is available in 4.0.
Everything is supposed to be completely done for 4.1, which, as far as I remember is scheduled for later this year, and I am sure that there will be an upgrade for Fedora, otherwise it'll surely be in Fedora 10 which will probably will be released in October of November.

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