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Sulphur for the masses!

Yes, sulphur! For everybody! And free!
Why? Because Sulphur is the codename of the upcoming release of Fedora, the ninth version of it.
The release-date of Fedora 9 is the 29th of April, and then it most probably will also quickly find its way onto my computers (expecting that there is no such upgrade-problem as there was from 7 to 8 ).

One of the biggest and probably the most noticeable change change (and the one I'm really looking forward to see) must be the switch to KDE4. A view into the development-version also showed improvements on the installation- and updating-tools and many little changes here and there.

As usual I will do a testrun in a virtual environment before I let it loose on my PC and my Notebook (and the server I recently installed with Fedora 8 at work).


Sulphur has been delayed a


Sulphur has been delayed a bit. It was supposed to be out in 2 days, but now it's 17 days until it's available.

Let us know how it goes. I

Let us know how it goes. Smiling

I am on Hardy right now.. not sure if I'll spare time to give Fedora a whirl, but the switch to KDE4 intrigues me. Kubuntu only has a preview edition more or less so it'd be interesting to see a distro actually switch wholesale to it, if that's what Fedora 9 will do?


Yes, Fedora 9 will come


Yes, Fedora 9 will come with KDE 4. And as far as I can see from the Preview-Release (the current Rawhide-version) only KDE 4, no more KDE 3.

I'll give a report here how it goes, and I actually can't wait to have it on my box.

Awesome, and quite bold I

Awesome, and quite bold I might add. Smiling It is stated that KDE 4.0.x is not really full featured and production ready. I suppose Fedora will attempt to fill in the blanks?

I might give it a go.