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Symantec Security Insights Live

On Monday, September 3rd, 2007, I'll be on the Symantec Security Insights Live, held here in Hong Kong, in our beautiful convention center.
The agenda sounds interesting so I'll have a look what I can take away from the conference.

In the morning there'll be some some talks about topics like "IT Risk Management", in the afternoon the event will split up into 4 "tracks" (each with a different topic and different talks) and one seminar about security.

I, of course, chose the half-day seminar, where I hope to learn a couple of new and interesting things. This will include talks about hardening Linux- and Windows-hosts, about attack-methods and cryptology. And as far as the website says there'll be some certificate about that. ;-)

Well, I'll be there and try to find a WLAN during lunch to post some first impressions. After I'm back I'll of course post about the conference.


I wish you a good and

I wish you a good and productive time there.


I guess I will. I'll let


I guess I will. I'll let you know what new insights I got when it's over.
Already printed some nice namecards, also mentioning EasyLFS, maybe with that I can get a little attention to my little project. ;-)

Today I've decided I'll try


Today I've decided I'll try a little "marketing-attack" in regards of EasyLFS there.
I've printed some namecards, which I need anyway, which refer to EasyLFS and guide to my website, which covers more and more of the EasyLFS-related stuff.
Furthermore I got some CDs today which I will fill with the current beta, EasyLFS 0.3.6 and try to get to some people. To make it look a bit better I decided not to go with ordinary CDs and write on them with a marker, I got lightscribe CDs, which I will equip with a permanent lightscribe-label.
The first one is recorded already, I'll try to get a nice pic of it this weekend. It's no beauty, but it looks alot better than a handwritten label (especially with my handwriting...).

Okay, the first half of the


Okay, the first half of the event is over.
We had a few interesting talks, but more or less they repeated what has been said previously. Anyway, it was quite interesting, if you accept that it's pretty much from Symantec's point of view.

The 2nd half though should be more of my flavour, since that will be that security-seminar I've been waiting to see. Good thing is that it'll cover not only Windows but there's an equally shaped part about Linux, which I really appreciate. I guess there I can learn something nice and interesting.

I'll keep you posted. Maybe I can already give a quick update during the break we'll have during the seminar.

Well, the final update took


Well, the final update took a bit longer than intended, but I've been pretty busy with EasyLFS64 the last days. So I hope I'm excused about this obvious lazyness on updating my blog. ;-)

The conference was pretty okay. As said, the morning had a few talks which were quite interesting, but nothing really amazing.
The afternoon was filled with a half-day seminar about security-principles. It was basically a quick run-down of a seminar that usually fills 2 days. For that it has been quite good. Had some coverage of host-hardening, Linux as well as Windows. But nothing really new coming there. All in all it wasn't much new stuff to me, but still it was interesting.
What was also nice to see that Symantec seems to be aware of SELinux and even mentions it in their training-document, but nothing to see about AppArmor. So it seems that SELinux would be Symantec's choice regarding Mandatory Access Control.

The guy who held the seminar is pretty interested in Linux and all that, so I had the chance to give him one of my cool lightscribe-CDs with the current beta of EasyLFS and he seemed interested to try it.
Well, let's see.

The seminar was concluded with a little test, which will determine if I'll get the certificate for that or not. Actually I think it shouldn't be a problem. But you never know, right?

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