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The Middle Button and Scrolling in Gtk+

While using Gtk+ based applications you can use the middle mouse button on the scrollbar to move directly to that point, instead of moving to the point a page at a time.


Cool. Related to that, in

Cool. Related to that, in Firefox you can also click the middle click and scroll just by moving a mouse up and down. This way you can set it to scroll really slow (not sluggish) and smooth. Smiling

But that appears to be in FF only.


not just Firefox

That's not just in Firefox, it's in many applications. Inkscape, for example.


This applies to Qt too.

that's not default. If it

that's not default. If it were, that would break the URL-pasting functionality

break URL pasting?

How would it break URL pasting when it only affects scrollbar widgets, not textboxes?

I was replying to

I was replying to libervisco's post, which seams to be about middle-click-in-the-website-and-move-the-mouse-to-scroll, a concept AFAIK pioneered by MS internet explorer, supported by firefox, and illogical in X11.

Actually, a thing is right.

Actually, a thing is right. Middle click pasting works just fine in text areas (and you wont be using it anywhere else anyway), so it doesn't break anything. Middle clicking only outside of text boxes in normal uneditable areas is where the middle click scrolling kicks in.


pasting URLs

libervisco wrote:

(and you wont be using it anywhere else anyway)

I paste URLs into IceWeasel windows all the time.

The address bar? Text

The address bar? Text boxes? Surely not on the uneditable area.. how much sense would that make.. Sticking out tongue

I select a URL somewhere,

I select a URL somewhere, paste in in the window where I want to see the contents and voilà.

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