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The werewolf is coming for us!

No, this post is not related to Halloween, altough this too is quickly approaching. It is about the next release of Fedora. Fedora 8, which, as it seems, has the codename Werewolf, is to be released this November, according to the website in 14 days (which is approximately 2 weeks ;-) ).

According to an article I recently read on it'll remember it's roots and sort of also go "back to the roots" by picking up it's own "old" tradition of introducing innovative, but maybe not 100% stable, packages. One of these packages is the IcedTea, a free Java-implementation.

Other packages of course will be updated to their current versions. Gnome will come in version 2.20, OpenOffice 2.3 will be included, and lots of other packages ensure the latest release of Red Hat's community-distro brings a fresh system to a box near you.

Using the upgrade-function included on the DVD/CD it should be pretty easy to mutate an older version of Fedora into a mighty scary Werewolf.

I can't wait to download the DVDs (I'll need to get 2, X86 for my notebook, X86_64 for my PC) and get the crap scared out of my hardware... ;-)


I, too, cant wait for the


I, too, cant wait for the new version of Fedora. Unfortunately, it should be known that if you are running a version of Fedora from 2 or more versions back, you need to incrementally upgrade them, meaning, if you run FC6, you need to upgrade to 7, perform all updates, then upgrade to 8 (which is what i have to do).

however, this should be common practice with all GNU/Linux distributions.

i just hope they include easier configuration of SELinux.

I actually think the


I actually think the configuration of SELinux isn't that hard already. You have a bunch of booleans to manipulate things and then there's that troubleshooter that is really helpful.
Also SELinux isn't really disrupting, thanks to a pretty good policy.

But maybe I'm just too much into all that already, having changed the Reference Policy in order to fit it to EasyLFS. ;-)

Does this mean new Fedora

Does this mean new Fedora can be expected to be a bit more unstable? It used to be in the early days anyway, from what I've heard since I never had much luck with it and got to try it only briefly (when I was scared out by the slowness of yum and corresponding GUIs).

Still, I've been looking into Fedora 8 the other day and it looks to be quite an interesting release. I might even give it a try..

I think the system will be


I think the system will be stable, just a few parts, probably optional ones, might not be totally stable or have all functions.

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