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Time to move on

After using a modified LFS for over 2 years now, and being pretty happy with it, I decided it's time to move on.
I just backed up a good 20GB of stuff and after GParted is finished resizing two of my Windows-partitions I will install Fedora 7.
The reasons for this move are as follows:
Through my work on EasyLFS I seem to have messed up a few things. That happens when you do big-time compilations like this without taking enough care. By now this shouldn't happen anymore because of some patches for GCC, but the damage has been done. For example I can't compile KDE anymore.
Another reason is that I have experienced a few problems with encrypted mails, which I can't really understand since everything seems to be okay. So I want to try it with a fresh system where everything is supposed to be good.

Why I choose Fedora should be obvious to those who know me a bit. Not only it's completely free software, but also I run it on my notebook. Through the good experience I made there I decided it should also be Fedora to run my PC.
There will be a difference though. My notebook has a Core Duo, a 32-bit dual-core CPU, my PC has an Athlon64 X2, a 64-bit dual-core CPU. So, of course, I will install the 64-bit-version of Fedora, in order to enjoy the full power of my box.

EasyLFS-development of course will go on. I have freed around 18GB of space for whatever I want to use it for, like for test-builds of EasyLFS and maybe other funny stuff.

Over the recent years I have always collected more and more stuff, but now that I start cleaning out things, especially Windows-stuff I really don't need anymore (because I'm already doing it on Linux for years and just keep the software for "just-in-case-situations") I suddenly have space I can just free and use for whatever I like.

So, EasyLFS-development will of course be continued. Maybe in a slightly different way, but the method shouldn't influence the result at all.

Well, GParted is nearly done, after around 2 hours of moving one of my partitions, and it's time for me to get ready. I have to check everything's backed up, and then I'll go for it.

If I'm not back in a few hours, wait a few hours more... ;-)


Okay, I'm back. With a


Okay, I'm back. With a fresh install of Fedora 7. The system is updated, next step is to install all the stuff I need, like OpenOffice, KDE, a few games and some other tools.

Good to hear it was

Good to hear it was successful.

Btw, what do you think about the performance of yum? I've heard complains about its performance and haven't had great experiences with it myself either, which is probably the biggest thing holding me away from Fedora.

I heard somewhere on IRC recently that it has been improved with regards to performance though. Has it?


I actually can't complain


I actually can't complain about performance. Although I have to say that one of the updates seems to have messed things up a bit. Either the mirror-search takes too long or the mirror itself has problems, but sometimes it takes really long to start pup or pirut. I changed the config-files to skip the mirror-search and use the official Fedora-server (which is commented out by default) and now it seems alot better.

One thing I heard, and also experienced, is that not always all dependencies are installed. I don't know if that's a problem with yum or pirut, but it can be annoying. So far I only noticed this with games, like Scorched3D for example, but the problem definitely there.

But overall I am really happy with Fedora. I wouldn't have also chosen it for my PC if I had really bad experience with it from the time I now already use it on my notebook. I think it's a great system, and I love the ease of use.

I guess for my normal work I'll stick with Fedora and don't do anything complicated like LFS or EasyLFS anymore as my working-system. It's too time-consuming to keep it updated. ;-)
But of course I won't stop working on EasyLFS, because I think it's a great system and brings some real advantages that LFS simply doesn't offer, like a bunch of useful packages and even the option to have your system built with SELinux, which is another reason for me to use Fedora.

Those issues with updating

Those issues with updating from mirrors sound like what I've experienced with it as well. Oh well, I personally prefer Debian style, but I believe Fedora is an excellent distro as well and has some advantages, like SELinux that you mentioned and being 100% Free Software by default.

About EasyLFS, yes I think it is a fascinating project for tinkerers. LFS can really be too intimidating and time consuming and EasyLFS is the next best thing. Smiling I'll do the kernel recompile you advised in another thread today and finally, I hope, connect from inside it.