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Tux Project gets behind the Freedomware Gamefest 2007

Just as it seemed that we're a bit underrated in terms of promotion and that this first tournament will probably not be as big in size as we'd hope for, a nice turnaround happened.

The Tux Project and REVELinux are declaring their support for the gamefest, including a couple of graphic artists Landy DeField (land0, author of the New Blue Amarok iconset) and Janet Theobroma (author of the KDE 3.5 default wallpaper).

The idea is to open a web shop for the gamefest selling T-Shirts with its artwork and logos of the games that will be included. All of the proceeds from this webshop would go to the gamefest and a free T-Shirt may be an award for its winners. This webshop would go through an already established REVELinux Gear webshop, but would be on a separate domain.

In a discussion in which he revealed this to me Landy also suggested we create a "brochure" site for the gamefest under a separate domain name which would link back to We have also firmly established what is now an official name of the gamefest: Freedomware Gamefest 2007, simple, understandable and catchy. Smiling

Yes, the "2007" in the name of this years tourney definitely means that the intention is to make this an annual event, should we have any success with it this year. Needless to say, it would grow in size and significance each year!

Landy seems quite enthusiastic about this and says that they'll be working on it all their spare time. What this means is that soon enough they'll join us in promotional efforts. He also intends to create a "drop dead sexy" logo for the gamefest that we will be using on our new site. These guys deserve an applause! Smiling

So.. I have not wasted much time regarding the new site and have already snatched up the domain name: ( redirects there) which currently contains the two promotional videos for the gamefest in a rather simplistic layout. Of course, we'll be working to improve it. Smiling

All this will really help boost our project into something really exciting. Now we will probably be able to offer awards to the winners of the fest and are better equipped to promote it and get more players involved. This means that there may be up to two weeks delay before we close new registrations and the gamefest begins, but it's all for a good reason. If anyone has any doubts now that this gamefest is not a serious undertaking, you can stop doubting now and join up! This is gonna be a fun ride! Smiling


Great development. Keep it


Great development. Keep it up. Smiling

Really nice. And that shop


Really nice. :-)
And that shop you linked is also pretty interesting. Maybe in a couple of years they'll be selling EasyLFS-shirts, too. ;-)

Well, it's on UGA now.


Well, it's on UGA now. Smiling
Altough I think he could have made the effort of writing an article for it... :/
If I had known it would just be a copy of the latest article, I would have written one for him. ^^

But at least it links to the official site. Quick somebody update and finish it! Smiling
What's needed:
-link to the sign up pages:
-link to the poll:
-link to game servers:
-link to the game proposals:
-link to discussions related to this Gamefest:
-link to news related to this Gamefest:

It would be nice of course to have all this on the official site itself, but having the links should be enough.

Mmmh, it seems my last post


Mmmh, it seems my last post was considered as spam. ^^
I was just trying to post the links to all useful pages (sign up, poll, game proposals, etc) here since this is what UGA news links too.
They should also be quickly added to the official site. Eye

Sorry I published it as not

Sorry I published it as not spam. It's just the system which thinks it's spam when there's lots of links in it. Smiling

It's better that way than


It's better that way than the other way around. Eye

A link to REVELinux seems


A link to REVELinux seems to be missing on the official gamefest site. Eye
Or is it the non-working "buy our gear" link?

(The rules link also doesn't work yet. I know it's still an unfinished site. I'm just putting up some pressure. ^^)

I've just been thinking about the cost of the "prizes".
The T-shirts on REVElinux are about 20 euros each.
Currently, there are 34 solo participants and 9 tremulous clans.
By counting 5 members per clan (since tremulous teams are supposed to have 5 players), this makes 34+45=79 participants!!! (but I haven't taken into account clan members also playing solo)

With one euro each, that's 4 T-shirts. ^^

Of course, it's better if it stays free of charge now (I don't think T-shirts will bring in more participants, not everybody can pay and people signed up for free already).
But if we really have 79 participants, that's quite a lot! Smiling

Strange.. both of the links

Strange.. both of the links work here. The "buy our gear" link leads here: and the rules link leads here: . So they're both on-site with some brief information and direct links to actual stores or in latter case the rules draft. Hmm maybe the content isn't jumping out as clearly as it should.

We certainly have a significant number of participants when counting all the Tremulous clans. After the promotional blitz it is going to be even more. There are only a few small things left to do before the press release can be put out. I've put up a wiki page with some outlines.

Now should we require people to pay 1 euro to pool for shirts? Hmm I don't think so honestly. But we can encourage this by saying that by pooling in the money they are paying for a prize which could end up being theirs, should they be the winner. Eye


Well, I get: "Access


Well, I get:
"Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page."
for both pages. :/

That's weird.. I just

That's weird.. I just accessed it as anonymous myself and I also get access denied. The weird part is that there is no technical difference between these two pages and the other pages to which access is normal, and the system is set up to allow everyone access to any page regardless.. I'll try to get to the bottom of it. :S

Thanks for reporting and I apologize for not seeing this before.

Fixed. Looks like there was

Fixed. Looks like there was a bug possibly in some of the modules used which apparently messes things up in node_access database table.. One query solved it.


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