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Unexpected "fame"

Sometimes I like to google for my name to see how much trace I have already left on the net. Not that I really care, I don't think I'd ever disclose my real name on the net if I'd be really afraid people would come after me. Actually I think it might have some sort of advantage to have your name spread on the net; people might think you know what you're talking about, or that you're a complete lunatic. Both is fine for me. ;-)

Usually I'm to be found through, the german forum I already participate in for a couple of years and where I have more than 10000 posts displaying my name publicly. Also Libervis planet now starts adding to my personal "fame".
But what surprised me today was a post in the AMD-forum! Check it out! Some guy, I have no idea who, mentions that I successfully run Fedora 7 on an AMD64 X2 4000+. That's weird!

If that's one of you guys a quick wave with the hand would be nice, if not I'll officially admit my complete confusion. :-)

Anyway, it's somehow touching that I seem to become quite famous, for whatever reason (which I don't understand). Not that I care very much, I just wanted to share my confusion about what I found earlier tonight.