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Using Firefox as FTP-Client

Many users prefer using a nice GUI for FTP-transfers instead of good, old command-line FTP.
Since this usually involves installing an extra program which could become unnecessary with this cool Firefox extension: FireFTP. Many users use Firefox already, so why not also use it for FTP?
It offers a nice XUL-interface similar to what people might be used to from other FTP-GUIs and with just a few clicks you can upload your whole website.

So, if you don't like to use CLI-FTP (like me, I use NcFTP) or an extra program for FTP-transfers you might want to look into FireFTP.
As said, many users use Firefox already, and with this you can have one tab open with your website and another where you can easily upload changes. That way you only switch tabs instead of programs. This might also save a little memory compared to using Firefox and at the same time.


thanks for the tip. The

thanks for the tip. The NcFTP one.

I prefer NcFTP over FTP


I prefer NcFTP over the normal FTP-command since it offers bookmarks and a few other functions that the normal FTP-command does not have. Even for some downloads, like KDE or the Kernel I usually use NcFTP because it's just more comfortable.
But as said in the opening post, I think FireFTP could be interesting for people who like using a GUI for FTP-transfers.

I usually use just

I usually use just konqueror, but most of the time I administer a server via SSH rather than FTP so using either konqueror's fish:// or sometimes scp. I tried FireFTP once and something was missing for me, but I can't quite remember what. I believe it was regarding uploading multiple files at the same time.

I should try it again though.

I am addicted to it


It is the coolest thing ..... i was messed up with this Cuteftp .... but fireftp is cool and stable .... long way to go ! but i need to work on it more like trying to upload many files at point of time and all the other shit .....till now it is serving my purpose very well !

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