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Very Cool! (oh yeah.. and Hello!)

Very cool! I get a blog! I MUST be in the right place.
So, I'm here because I think I might be ready to ditch my dependence on Micro$oft. And, because I'm recently unemployed and have too much free time on my hands so I've been thinking philosophically lately. (I always do that around Christmas time anyhow). This definately won't be a political blog (violates the terms anyhow, yes?) but it all starts with my realization that I'm a "Libertarian". (A not too sucessful (so far) political party in the U.S., but more than that it's a philosophy that I think compels me to use and support free software).

We'll see. Being a newbie & all I started a log in Notepad to chronicle my latest attempt to switch. As I go about trying to understand all of this (I'm a techie at heart so I NEED to think that I understand it all!), I found the FSF, PolishLinux, and Nuxified.. in that order. So.. now I can switch to a free blog! Cool.

Like my previous attempts to quit smoking, my attempt to switch to Linux 6 or so years ago ended badly. Since then I not only smoke more, but am even more Windows dependant. Since I'm trying again to quit smoking, I think it appropriate to switch my OS. Let's just get ALL of the frustrations worked out while I'm out of a job. So this should be interesting and/or a laugh to some of you out there. But, here goes. The story so far...

Okay. So I think I'm a Libertarian. And, extrapolating that to my PC.. I think that means that I need to use an open operating system. Libertarians, you see, need their liberties. But the last time I thought I needed to cut my ties with Windows & install Red Hat Linux, I was totally confused so this time I'm going to do some homework.

This then, will hopefully be a chronicle of the process. For better or for worse.

9:35 AM 12/11/2006
So I'm confused already. The FSF ( is where I started all of this. Already I realize that liberty actually means freedom to choose. ( However, that also means you must have choices! And, there are certainly choices!! Too many for a person caught up in "taking the easy route"! Hmm. Well, on reflection I suppose Windows is the penalty one pays for the alledged "easy route". Very interesting. They say that the "easiest" of them all is a Mac. I'm starting to see a pattern here.

Anyway.. So many decisions. GNU/Linux? BSD? And then... what "flavor" of which one? Well, it appears that once the "core" is decided upon, the flavors are just "extras" that can be changed?
Ok. On the quest to determine which core to use, I guess.

One thing for sure. I'm glad I made the switch to Firefox as my browser. Not only is it available on the free systems, I'm sure using the tabbed windows feature (my favorite anyway) to compare all of the choices!!

9:57 AM 12/11/2006
Wow. How far do I take this?? Seems as though there are motherboards that support a free BIOS. Well, since the junk I have isn't listed... nope. Not goin' THAT far.

10:11 AM 12/11/2006
Ahh... THIS seems to be where to start!!
and/or this:

That brings this thing up to speed.


about this "blog": it is

about this "blog": it is originally meant for tips, discoveries around free software, that kind of stuff. For a fully-fledged post-every-day blog, even a political one, Libervis Blogs, which are, like, part of the libervis network, might be a more suitable place.

So, we philosophy to mostly, but don't let that put you off.

Now, choices - you are right, there are lots of them. It starts with whether to use a free system - then what general type of free system; like GNU/Linux, *BSD, Solaris, or something quite different. GNU/Linux is more widely used, so finding technical support on that might be easier. But then you can choose what flavour; is a nice site that can guide you in making these decisions. Then, there is a lot of free software out there - if you give free software and yourself the chance, you'll find a gazillion of different individual set-ups possible - from a text-only console that provides you nearly everything you'll need from one text editor to a state-of-the-art resource-hungry bling-bling 3D accelerated desktop stuffed full of effects.

So much to choice. Oh, and you are in the right place.

To how far to take this - it's your choice again. The middle way between easiness and destructiveness is downloading something like ubuntu linux and overwriting all the software on your disk.

whatever you do, nuxified forums is a nice place to ask questions, and if you enjoy some live chat, get on IRC

have fun !

Welcome aboard jd4x4! I

Welcome aboard jd4x4! Smiling I second what free-zombie said though I'd just like to note that if anyone wants to blog fully on, as long as it is related to Free Software in technical terms and GNU/Linux, BSD etc., is perfectly fine. Libervis blogs are an option if you want to take your blogging further than just describing your experiences with Free Software.

So just to reassure you (or anyone who may be reading), the kind of post you made here is good, it's actually an example of the kinds of posts that are encouraged here. Smiling



Hello jd4x4! Welcome to Nuxified!

jd4x4 wrote:

I found the FSF, PolishLinux, and Nuxified.. in that order.

Just curious, how'd you find those?

Btw you might want to start with installing GNU/Linux side-by-side Windows (dual-booting).

I was a little worried about that..


Thanks for the welcome, free-zombie. I was a little worried about adding the political bit... but I think you correctly guessed that politics wasn't why I started the blog. I thought it would be nice to share a recent newbie experience from someone that had gotten "over-geeked" some years ago with a failed Red Hat (5.1) install.

The mention of politics was really only quick look inside my head as to why I got started again looking at a different OS. The obvious reason at first (years ago, and now) was various annoyances with and dependancies on Windows, but as I get older (I'm 55 ) I'm thinking that I need to be more true to my own philosophies.. and when I ran across the FSF page, it just clicked that since I use my PC a bunch I should at least start there!

So thanks again for the welcome, and thanks for your advice. I was hoping that someone might be peeking over my shoulder here, as well!



Thanks for the welcome, libervisco. It's reassuring to know that this isn't going to annoy anyone (or at least TOO many people), since it's not a specific tech/question/etc kind of post. If I can keep the discipline of posting regularly, it should give some insight into my newbie experience. Or like I originally said.. maybe good for a laugh!.

my bad


Hey! Thanx for the welcome! Hmm.. my bad. I'm scratching my head trying to remember what got me to the FSF page to begin with! I'm not quite sure, but I think it started with some article or something about DRM, maybe. The FSF wasn't totally new to me though. I'd had a link to them previously from my interests/searches in either free software :-) , software patents (I used to be interested in 360 degree panoramic photos and the software came under attack but that's a subject for Libervis :-) , DRM, or something like that.

As for PolishLinux.. geez, I can't remember that one either, but Nuxified was a link from there. (Oh yeah.. I sort of remember now- whatever search or link I followed, it was to the Distribution Chooser on PolishLinux).

I mentioned that I use Firefox, and that's because I like the tabs. So what I do is Google something and then start opening links in new tabs. Which usually causes me to open another link in yet another tab.. and so on! It gets a bit schizophrenic sometimes and I usually wind up with a boat-load of open tabs that I close eventually, but it matches my schizophrenic thought processes.. which are hard to document!

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