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Why KDE 4 will totally kick ass!

During the last few days I have read a few interesting article about the upcoming fourth version of KDE.
What I have read there made me really go "Wow!", because it sounds great.

Now here's why I think why KDE 4 will totally kick ass:
There's a whole bunch of new frameworks. More or less you could say there are frameworks for everything, which unifies handling of data between different applications a lot.

Another really cool point is that big parts of KDE 4 have been totally rewritten. Since KDE 4 will also use QT 4, which has also experienced a big redesign, the KDE-developers followed Trolltech's example by redesigning a lot of KDE. Many things that had to be done by KDE before are now done by QT, and, as it says in the article, with less overhead and thus with better performance. It seems that this redesign has brought a big deal of speed to KDE, which will be used for a cooler design, namely Plasma.
That actually means that KDE 4 will look a lot better than KDE 3, but with similar or better performance, and, as it says, less use of resources.

Another nice thing is especially interesting for the friends of eyecandy like Beryl or Compiz. KWin will be able to do effects like the ones that are provided by Beryl or Compiz at the moment itself. There's no need to change the Window-Manager, just use KWin and you can still enjoy the eyecandy.

There would be a lot more to tell, but I think there's already lots of posts about KDE 4 out there, so I don't want to repeat too much.
Anyway, these 3 points, especially the first two, are my main reasons why I think that KDE 4 will be the new desktop to look at and go "Wow!".

I have always been a KDE-user, since KDE 1.1, although now with Fedora I use Gnome for the root-user, and also for the user I use in the office, but mostly I'm still a KDE-user, and I'm really looking forward to see KDE 4.