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This tutorial will explain A much easier way to install Ubuntu on a USB device (Stick or Hard Disk).I was reading How to install Ubuntu Linux from USB Stick posted a while ago, and found it to be quit

RT is an industrial-grade trouble ticketing system. It lets a group of people intelligently and efficiently manage requests submitted by a community of users.


CentOS, the Community ENTerprise Operating System, is a community-driven project based on RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) aimed at servers.

Fedora 9

Okay, now I'm using Fedora 9, actually for a few weeks already.

yum update 'kde*' soprano 'extragear*' --enablerepo=rawhide

Despite the version still beginning with "4.0", it is 4.1 Beta 1.

You might want to make a daily cron job to run this.