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fixing xfce4 sessions

Sometimes something goes wrong when saving sessions in xfce. For example it gave me three instances of NetworkManager today... Here's how to fix it:

Log out. Log in in text mode (control-alt-f1). Edit the xfce session: vi .cache/sessions/xfce-session-myhostname\:0

Plan 9 from Bell Labs was meant to be the successor of unix. Unfortunately, it is hard to make users replace something that is good enough by something better. It is free software.

It doesn't seem so long ago that I've removed Windows, but it actually is. It's been about 7-9 months now and I've almost forgotten about Windows. If it wasn't for school, I probably would've.
It angers, and annoys me a great deal when my Microsoft-obsessed friends say that Linux is crap, and it can't do anything properly and it's so complicated for no reason. I mean, even when I was a Windows-user, I didn't think of it like that. They even admit that Windows is only powered by money which gave me satisfaction to shove that back in their faces. It makes me laugh when they call my PuTTY console MS-DOS and it makes me jump for joy when they complain about errors.

BLAG 60000

BLAG 6000 came out last week. BLAG is the fully Free distribution of GNU/Linux based upon Fedora. The current release in based upon Fedor

installing from source

This was written as a reply to a question, but I figured it didn't answer the question... It's a useful explanation though...

Compiling source usually goes like this:

(optional) verify the download is error-free: