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This is the list of debian network utilities and tools for administrators and users to check the network related traffic, monitor network.This includes installation of each package with man pages.This full list devided in to two parts which is part1 network tools and part2 network tools

Debian etch beta3 installation using graphical interface this is really nice installation walkthrough with each step
screenshots.This is new feature in debian upcoming release version called etch.This article contains nearly 50 images of this installation process.

Read Full article here

Happy Brthday StarTrek

I'd like to wish StarTrek a happy 40th birthday.

The positive visions of the future it saw must inspire many still today.

Free GNU/Linux disks! has been founded to offer free GNU/Linux CD's to anyone who needs it which are usually those who are still on slow connections and hence aren't able to download CD images directly off the net, and might find it too cumbersome to order CD's (not everyone has a credit card or a PayPal account).

It looks like a great way to promote and spread the use of GNU/Linux. The project needs help though in form of contributions (including donations) or if you have something to advertise sponsorships. You are encouraged to spread the word either by word of mouth or linking to it from your blog using one of these buttons. And of course, a good way to help get the word out is to digg it.

The creator of Haiku Podcast has made a very nice video presenting Haiku OS, a BeOS-like Free Operating System which is now mostly in alpha stage and can already be used for simple things. This video shows that it's well on its way and I believe it has great potential as a possible future contender in the realm of Free Operating Systems, as they start developing some more exciting things based on the first release of Haiku. Here's the video: