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Secure your email communication with free software - A guide for installing, configuring and using Mozilla Thunderbird, Enigmail, and GnuPG to provide secure and encrypted email [GNUs]

Highly recommended. I use enigmail too.

Speedup Gentoo's Boot

If you start many services at boot, edit your /etc/conf.d/rc so that you have a line reading RC_PARALLEL_STARTUP="yes"
This will start up some services in paralel to save time at bootup.

Searching bash history

Do you only half-remember a commandline command you recently used? If you use bash (most likely you do), you don't need to look it up again or reinvent it. Just type control-r and then the part you do remember. Bash will search it's history for commands of which what you typed is a substring.

Example: I remember I used some browser to visit some site named (something)fied(something):

ctrl-r fied

and the result is:

(reverse-i-search)`fied': firefox

Now just press enter to visit everyone's favourite free software help site :-)

Tweaking KDE

If you want to tweak something in a KDE application that's not in the settings dialog, look in ~/.kde/share/config/APPNAMErc and ~/.kde/share/apps/APPNAME/.

mount USB drives async

Mount USB drives async, it makes it way faster.