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Don't cat binaries

Don't use cat on binaries, it will screw up the console. But you can use strings to find strings in binaries.

Read the Gentoo Handbook, even if you never install Gentoo. It'll teach you how to do things manually in the event of automated programs failing.

OptiPNG with -o 7 is slightly better than PNGCrush with -brute.

Wake up with kalarm

If you need to ensure that you wake up at a specific time in the morning or just remind yourself of a specific scheduled task you can use a great program called kalarm which allows you to add as many scheduled reminders as you wish by clicking on the "new" button (ctrl-n or actions > new also work) and tweaking the alert as you need it. You can set it to display a text, open a file, run a command or send an email at a specific time that you specify. You can set it up to repeat the reminder every few minutes or whatever period you like and for as many timey you want.

Back when we were still on phpbb all content was on forums including a special tips thread. However now that we are on drupal we are able to use something better for this kind of content. I think blogs would fit the bill.

So, from now on please post all the tips you may have as blog entries. For them to be included in a special tips section you just have to write "tips" in a blog categories field of your submission form.

Of course if you just prefer posting a helpful tip in forums that's fine, but every tip submit as blogs in this section is then easily browsable from one page, which is an added benefit, while you still can discuss a specific tip in its comments.