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Time to move on

After using a modified LFS for over 2 years now, and being pretty happy with it, I decided it's time to move on.

EasyLFS in numbers

Today I want to abuse my blog to give a little view on the numbers surrounding my "little" project EasyLFS.
I just compiled these yesterday and it was a little surprising how big everything got already. Well, that happens when you don't always keep track of how many packages you have and how many scripts you wrote. ;-)

Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris

During the last couple of days I stressed my internet-line a little and downloaded some CD-images. One of these was Nexenta GNU/OpenSolaris Alpha 6.
I didn't have much experience with Solaris before and it also wasn't very good, because on the Solaris 9 machine we have in the office I missed quite some comfort which I'm used to from Linux.

With EnGarde Secure Linux Guardian Digital brings a Linux-distribution target at the use as a server which claims to be "secure by design". Unlike most other distributions it contains SELinux by default which enhances Linux's security-capabilities.

Only one CD please!

Here I am, just booted off from a failed Fedora Core 6 install trying to use 2 CDs I downloaded to try it, hoping that this would be enough to do it, even though I really believe 1CD should be a standard for mainstream distros these days, not just because Ubuntu does it, but because (as Ubuntu even proves) it simply makes all sense in the world.