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Merci, Mandriva

The rogue's gallery of Novell, Xandros and Linspire have signed well publicized agreements with Microsoft. Rumors on the Web have hinted that Mandriva might be next. Mandriva believes in interoperability based on open standards, like ODF, but they also believe that software patent threats are just FUD. So no deal with Microsoft from Mandriva.

Vista is out and the community of GNU/Linux enthusiasts are up on their feet trying to persuade everyone that instead of going with the flow and upgrading to Vista, we should upgrade to GNU/Linux. This wont stop any time soon. In fact, it probably wont stop until GNU/Linux either withers away or dominates the world. The fact is there are more and more of so called GNU/Linux "fanboys" and enthusiasts every day, not less and less. Expect numbers to grow constantly.