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FreeBSD, or arch?


So, I was thinking to myself, whether to replace my FreeBSD installation with Arch Linux, I installed it on a seperate partition the other day and found it very fast to boot to a fluxbox desktop (7 seconds, including login), but not as stable or secure as freebsd. Now, because I am going to use my computer to run a gamign server as wella s play some games, I need it to be secure, fast and have good video drivers. That isnt a problem for me, because I have r200 and r300 cards, which means I can use Xorg drivers Eye Thank God.

So, I am still unsure what to use, Linux has easier gaming, as in, not having to find different libs. FreeBSD is more stable and secure, but Arch is way faster.

Tremulous: The best free software game ever? - Linux and open source software lag behind the proprietary market in the number and quality of available video games, especially in the realm of first-person shooters (FPS), a genre dominated by the likes of Doom, Quake, Unreal, Half-Life, and Halo. Here, Linux is an afterthought, if not ignored completely. Tremulous, a mixture of FPS and RTS (real-time strategy) written by Tim Angus, is an exception to that rule. [GNUs]

I've tried Tremulous a bit last night before going to sleep and I gotta say it does look like a great game, definitely one of the best in its genre. The fact that it's on a Quake 3 engine (which worked fine on my and even older hardware, and that's an onboard graphics chip) made Tremulous playable on my computer as well (of course with DRI enabled, which I certainly welcome.