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If it hasn't happened already it seems poised to happen sooner or later, albeit usability is to some extent in the eyes of the beholder.

A Fortnight of Evolution

Two weeks ago I decided to try an email client instead of the web email interface I've always been used to. There were a couple of reasons for this, one was that I wished to have a copy of my mail on one of my machines, as I don't trust Google (as I have an account) entirely to keep my mail safe, the second reason was so that I could read and write replies to emails while not connected to the Internet (this came about as I recently got a laptop, which could be used in places without an Internet connection).

Whether you consider it an advantage or a disadvantage standard configuration dialogs in GNOME tend to be a bit limited and because of that do not allow all kinds of behavior customizations that one may desire to do. It is done that way in order to maximize ease of use and user friendliness.