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Some of you might have heard about port-knocking already, and some of you might even already know what it is.

On Monday, September 3rd, 2007, I'll be on the Symantec Security Insights Live, held here in Hong Kong, in our beautiful convention c

After my previous two posts about SELinux and AppArmor, "Stupid advice and some of my own ideas" and Rusty AppArmor?, another post of the same topic.

Rusty AppArmor?

After yesterday's post about SELinux now part two of this (so far) three part series.

After I had read that shocking post about a company suggestion to disable SELinux I had another look through Joshua Brindle's Blog and found some more interesting stuff, this time about AppArmor.

I was afraid I would hear about that some day, but hoped I never would.
But of course the day came that I finally had to read about a company suggesting to turn of SELinux in order to fix a problem running their software.