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If you use a proprietary Flash plugin on Ubuntu and your mouse clicks often wont work you're experiencing a bug which seems to be quite common.

I've advocated many things not so long ago which I no longer do or in fact advocate the opposite.

A couple of years ago I would probably easily dismiss the idea of trying out a new version of Windows on the basis of a Free Software ideology or the chorus of voices of Free Software or Open Source f

A turbuntulent week

I was really thrown off course this week. Monday was mostly decent, but on tuesday I had to go set up a laptop for a couple of older people where my mother works.

This isn't much of a review, to be entirely upfront about it.

There's been a load of Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn reviews lately so we don't need a yet another one to repeat the rundown of all features, goodies, baddies and whatnot. So this will be just a quick, more or less personal, review focusing on problems that I found with Ubuntu, because it indeed does have some rather disappointing issues.

In addition to Ubuntu 6-months stable releases and the next version of ubuntu is 7.10 with Code Name “Gutsy Gibbon”.

Full Story

Can you believe it? After more than a year of being absolutely at the top of distrowatch ranks I've been told that Ubuntu fell to the second place, and after checking it out, indeed, OpenSUSE replaced it.

Unfortunately, Ubuntu is becoming more and more of a disappointment lately. First they start shipping non-free software by default, then the edgy upgrade turns into a disaster and now I read about plans for including more non-free software and a 3D desktop by default in feisty (the next Ubuntu after edgy). To be honest, ever since I've seen the Feisty Fawn announcement I've been wondering what does the focus on "multimedia enablement and desktop effects" imply, the basic suspicion being will it include more non-free software by default?