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Bonfire vs. K3B

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This article definitely places bonfire in the place of a direct competitor to the well known (at least to GNU/Linux users) burning program K3B.

In a way it seems to be natural since K3B is KDE based and bonfire is GNOME based so it kind of just falls into their belonging desktop environment camps (GNOME users use bonfire and KDE users use K3B), but the thing is that even many GNOME users have apparently still used K3B even though GNOME based options such as GnomeBaker, Graveman and Nautilus Burner (mentioned in that article) existed.

So, have you tried Bonfire, as well as K3B? How would you compare and which one would you ultimately stick with, if any?

I am yet to try burning with bonfire, but from what I've seen by briefly launching and poking around it does look like a condender to K3B. It feels speedier (less bloated) and even simpler and friendlier to use which I bet many new GNU/Linux would appreciate. But I haven't burned anything with it yet, so I reserve my final judgement for later (maybe I even write a review). Smiling

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I havn't tried bonfire, but

I havn't tried bonfire, but have been using k3b since I started with gnu/linux. I find the KDE based K3B is hell to start up on my GTK inclined install of Gentoo.

I may give bonfire a go since it should load more quickly on my system. I must say that the inclusion of Gstreamer based functionality interesting.


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