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Can automation make more people try LFS?

0% (0 votes)
17% (2 votes)
50% (6 votes)
Probably not
25% (3 votes)
8% (1 vote)
Total votes: 12


What's your oppinion? If LFS


What's your oppinion?
If LFS installation is made a lot easier through automation, would it attract more users?
Background for the question is the following: I had a quick look into the existing ALFS-solutions and didn't quite like them. So I thought about going there on my own. As a matter of fact, I already did what I call stage 1, meaning everything before chrooting into the temporary system.
Works quite fine so far, but there's still quite a way to go.

Doesn't automation defeat

Doesn't automation defeat the whole purpose of LFS? The idea is that you can do everything in your own way, right? If you automate LFS, it's no longer your own way but the way of the person who wrote the scripts.

Yeah automation LFS sounds

Yeah automation LFS sounds like the shit Gentoo is going for now...which is shit

For me LFS is a "distro"


For me LFS is a "distro" which is highly optimized to my PC because everything is compiled right where it will run.
And I think it might be a good start to get people in touch with it since it makes things easier for starters, but the system is still optimized for their box. Anybody who wants to learn the stuff from the start won't choose automation anyway, but those who are a little afraid of all the typing and making mistakes on the way to their nice slim system might give automation a try and then later, when they are more familiar with the system give the real LFS a shot.
Anyway, doing it your own way is a possibility, but I think most users will stick to the book, which also doesn't make it "your way" anymore, but "the LFS standard way".

As for Gentoo, it's not really like Gentoo, since you don't need to download same stageX-image which has some stuff already precompiled. It still compiles everything, just like you do it when you start working by the book.


I don't think LFS should be automated, since it lets you learn about what makes up a system.
But, since I've just finnished building an LFS system I've found that it would be useful to have an automated system for Beond Linux From Scratch - the book which lets you have a system you can use, not just a shell you can boot.

After spending a day for 3


After spending a day for 3 times to install LFS I guess it's useful to have something that does most work for you. ;-)

Scripts for BLFS are also planned, or being planned might be better to say.
Like there could be a script from a fresh LFS to KDE, a script from fresh LFS to Gnome or things like that.

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