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Check out my Blog at Libervis Blogs

Here is the link to my blog at Libervis Blogs.


Oh that's nice. Welcome

Oh that's nice. Welcome aboard sharkscott, both here and there. Smiling

Hey sharkscott, welcome to

Hey sharkscott, welcome to the libervis network

Thank You

Thank You for the Welcome. I hope that I can bring something positive to this place. I am trying to "wipe the slate clean" with my blog and concentrate on just Me and my Writings, and what I think is funny from time to time.

God that sounds selfish, it did feel good though I must admit. ;-)


It isn't really selfish. It

It isn't really selfish. It is honest (in a most positive way). Some of the best blogs are clean and full expressions of their authors, honestly just them and their thoughts, opinions and writings. It's all good. Smiling

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