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Choose a slogan:

Got 'NUX?
60% (3 votes)
Ask Freely.
40% (2 votes)
Got 'NUX? Ask Freely.
0% (0 votes)
Got 'NUX? Welcome to the club.
0% (0 votes)
Get Nuxified!
0% (0 votes)
G'Nuxified Generation (or Generation NUX)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 5


Suggest a slogan

Currently it appears like the slogan is "Got 'NUX?" and the "Free Software and GNU/Linux support forums" is just a description.

But I think it might be better to have a short and good sounding slogan that would convey what is and that would also appear attractive to new users (enticing them to join up and ask their questions or give answers if they can).

Here's something to start with, but please do suggest whatever you think might be a good slogan.

"Helping to reach your computing dreams" (too long though) or "Got 'NUX? Get help!" (but that nastily implies that 'NUX users ought to get some help, as if using 'NUX is a problem in itself Laughing )

Or another one that may be better of all the above: "Computing Together"

Now your turn, suggest something and then we'll pick what's best. We can make a poll if needed.


Computing cooperatively. I'm not great at this sort of thing.

- Better support than you can buy :twisted:
("you" can also be read as "cw". Don't use this one.)

- Listen to your dentist: F/L/OSS more!

- Nuxifying you

- Ask freely
(I prefer this one. I'm not sure if it's the correct translation from dutch ("vragen staat vrij"), but you understand what I mean.)

"tbuitenh" wrote:

- Listen to your dentist: F/L/OSS more!

That one's the best Laughing We are your dental FLOSS Laughing out loud!

But seriously "ask freely" is better and "nuxifying you" could also be just "get nuxified" or something in those lines.. Smiling

"Computing cooperatively" is also nice, but maybe a bit too "hard" to say quickly as a slogan.. something simpler may be better..

I like "ask freely" of the ones put so far.

My ideas (bad, but they are ideas)

Fix Freedom

Repair your freedom

'NUXus of the Free World

The 'NUX toolbox

quite like dylunios The *nix toolbox

not ver creative myself Puzzled


Mmmmmm....... get down and nuxify Cool

Shahmone Sticking out tongue

"onlinebacon" wrote:

Mmmmmm....... get down and nuxify Cool

Shahmone Sticking out tongue

good one,
im sure the 2nd part may be copyrighted already

"the_guy_dressed_in_black" wrote:

im sure the 2nd part may be copyrighted already

Yeah, I not only copyrighted it, I patented it's pronounciation. Laughing out loud

Just kidding.. nice suggestions guys.. We could draw something out of it...

Of those suggested so far I'd say I like these the most:

"Ask Freely" and "Nux Toolbox"

But I'd like something that would imply a cooperative community (even if the "cooperative" part comes spontaneously and naturally). In that sense "ask freely" is close, but there must be people who would not only ask, but give answers as well (although that would pretty much go with the assumption for "ask freely").

The current "Got Nux?" infact asks a visitors if he has GNU/Linux which maybe quietly invites him that if he or she does this is the place to be and talk about it. Smiling

I would say "Ask Freely" or "Got 'NUX" (leaving as is) to be best so far, in my opinion. There could be a combination of the two actually: "Got 'NUX? Ask Freely!" or something like that.

Oh, this one is cool as well actually "Get down and Nuxify" as suggested by onlinebacon. Laughing out loud

But here's another idea: "Got 'NUX? Welcome to the club!" Sticking out tongue



I would also say something like: Feeling Nuxy?

I know...lame.../

Helping the Free World
Liberating Computers Since 1984 (When the writing of GNU started)


G'nuxified make the right choice...

"a thing" wrote:

Helping the Free World
Liberating Computers Since 1984 (When the writing of GNU started)

That is nice, but I wonder if it would be clear enough in automatically letting the new visitor know that this is a Free Software and GNU/Linux support site. Free World in the heads of many can mean alot. And the year 1984 could lead some to think that this site exists since 1984 which is of course impossible since there was no internet as we know it since then. Also, what does "liberating" mean for this site. GNU and Free Software movement are liberating. This site is only building a support community of the users of those liberated computers, or better yet liberated users.

Anyway, those are nice ideas and might be formed into something else more suitable maybe...

Onlinebacon.. there's something about that term G'Nuxified, but I'm not sure what. It somehow sits right for some reason. It might be incorporated somewhere since we are trying to respect both GNU and Linux in a term GNU/Linux and that "G'Nuxified" term nicely fits both.

Maybe I add a G hanging before N in a header title.

Oh and it could also mean "Got Nuxified?" and "Get Nuxified!" as well as make up a meaning of the G in GNU acronym such as "Great is Not Unix".. Laughing out loud

Anyway, just brainstorming. Smiling

Oh here's another one..

GNU's Nuxified Unix (which it kind of is) Laughing out loud That might not be suitable as a slogan though, since it doesn't tell a visitor much about the site.. it's just wordplay..

But maybe better ideas can come out of it. Smiling

"Get nuxified" + "G'NXFD" on the foot.

"tbuitenh" wrote:

"Get nuxified" + "G'NXFD" on the foot.

G'day mate Wink

"the_guy_dressed_in_black" wrote:
"tbuitenh" wrote:

"Get nuxified" + "G'NXFD" on the foot.

G'day mate Wink

Laughing That big "G" thing is everywhere. Laughing out loud

That sounds good Taco.

Well, now we have to decide.. should we put the best ones forth and make a poll?

Poll time indeed.

Okay, here are options for the poll I'll be putting up.

- Got 'NUX?
- Ask Freely
- Got 'NUX? Ask Freely.
- Got 'NUX? Welcome to the club.
- Get Nuxified!
- G'Nuxified Generation (or Generation NUX Smiling )

The last one is my new suggestion. It's kind of a wordplay on the GNU Generation (as in new generation also). Or it could be a play on "Generation X" with "Generation NUX")

So there. Let's see how will everyone vote.

Got 'NUX has my vote.

According to results so far, even though there are only four votes, everything stays the same as the "Got 'NUX" slogan is already upthere.

So be it, but if more people start coming and overturning the results I'll keep it open for a change. Until the bigger influx of new members it's not late to change things. Smiling

Thanks for voting guys who voted so far. Smiling


Got Milk?

"onlinebacon" wrote:

Got Milk?


(I take this is in jest)

*draws a milk mustache on tux*



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Re: Choose a slogan:


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