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composite trickery (xfce)

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Joined: 2006-03-08

I have recently taken to using transparent title bars and winow shadows via the X.Org Composite extention. However, composite can pose certain problems: for one, applications may have composite-related bugs (like this, which concerns nuxified as well), and GL is slow as hell. As I like GL-based games once in a while, I have written this little script that executes a command without the composite manager running. It assumes the XFCE window and composite manager.

#      ^^^ untested with other shells. bash is usually nice.
echo "***" stopping composite manager and replacing...
killall xfwm4 ; xfwm4 --compositor=off &
echo "*** this may or may not take a moment. I will wait anyway."
sleep 3
echo "***" ok. ready to go,
if [ $1 ] ; then  "$@"
  echo "*** no command ?! uncreative ! press enter to continue"
echo "***" finished task. undoing damage
killall xfwm4 ; xfwm4 &!
sleep 5

~/bin/ armagetronad now turns off composite, runs armagetron advanced and restarts compositing when armagetronad is closed.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
I bet that's gonna be a

I bet that's gonna be a useful script for everyone using composite manager. I am not among the lucky ones though as my onboard graphics chip isn't really up to par with it and compositing is slow.

As for this bug, hopefully it gets noticed and fixed and sent upstream to I hope it's not a severe hard to fix bug.


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Joined: 2006-03-08
when I figure out a way to

when I figure out a way to find out which composite manager is running I'll extend this to work for everyone using composite manager. xfwm4 is probably the easiest case as you can just turn the composite on/off on the command line, whereas kwin gets it from the settings and xcompmgr gets the settings from the command line...

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