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Display issues with IE are solved

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Good news for sure: I solved all remaining IE display issues last week. It took quite a lot of time and determination but I unexpectedly found them Smiling
This is especially good news knowing that the IE proportion of visits slowly grows, from 15% to around 20-25% now. From our point of view, this is especially positive.

This is all done through code modifications, and there is no "hack". Nothing depends on JavaScript or anything else anymore, it Just Works.
The drawback is that the title logos and graphics are somewhat heavier (non transparent: + 80% weight or so), so take longer to load, but this was definitely worth it.

All I can say is, wee!


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Good to hear. Let them IErs

Good to hear. Smiling Let them IErs come see the light. Eye

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Personally, I disagree with modifying stuff (like images etc.) just to suit IE users, but it's your site, so do as you please. Eye On sites I build, nobody cares if IE can/cannot display transparency or not, I just use them regardless and tell people to upgrade to a better browser, or they'll have to navigate the site with some more difficulty. No deal breakers like crippled menu's, but just less than optimal eye-candy/layout.

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in most cases, I'd agree

in most cases, I'd agree with you, 1c3d0g, but this is different - is actually targeting the type of people that still use IE. If they come to the site with the one-and-only browser (most of the intended audience I'd say) and see grave rendering bugs, they'll stamp off gnu/linux as stupid, amateur (which it is, but in a neutral sense Eye ), behind, too stupid for web design. That is exactly not what intends to do.

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Joined: 2006-07-13