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Do you use a screensaver?

17% (2 votes)
58% (7 votes)
25% (3 votes)
Total votes: 12


favourite xscreensavers

One of the things about GNU/Linux that used to and still does attract me to it is the choice of screensavers. It's not, of course, something you spend much time and effort on, but once you do go about choosing one to set for your screensaver you've got plenty to look at.

Not only that there's abundance of choice, but screensavers are just amazing. With windows you usually get only a dozen or so old and already boring standard screensavers, but with xscreensaver on GNU/Linux you've got a whole show to look at.

In the most recent versions there are some even more spectacular new additions.

So, do you use a screensaver and if yes, do you have a favourite one or few and which is it? Which one do you use now?

It's hard for me to pick a favourite, but some of the ones I selected the most were BSOD, IFS, hyperball, xmatrix and maybe galaxy which I have selected now.. Of the newest ones I'd say matrixview is one of the most impressive ones.

I rarly use screensavers - since if I'm on the computer I tend to use it activly, and if I go away I'll always switch off the monitor.

I do use screensavers from time to time when I use my ubuntu install, but I'm not much of a user.


Just a black screen. Why waste resources on something no one will see?

"a thing" wrote:

Just a black screen. Why waste resources on something no one will see?

Well that's a good point and I really don't have any counter-arguments for that. I guess it's just some kind of vanity maybe, having the monitor with a cool screensaver making your room feel "leeter" or something, when you're in it, but not using a computer, or maybe just listening to the music not doing anything and just lieing and looking at the screensaver...

All of that is pretty unimportant and rare, but still.. Smiling

I also just use a blank screen

When I walk away from my laptop (which has become desktop with all the stuff connected to it), I simply close the screen. I did use xscreensaver for a while, but I found out I never actually get to see the screensaver, because of my closing the screen!

Sometimes I use it. Anyway,


Sometimes I use it. Anyway, it doesn't start automatically, it just comes up when I lock the screen.
Usually I change from time to time. Usually BSOD or Matrix, before, when I still had 3D-Accel I also liked Euphoria, which looks great, but is far too slow without acceleration.
Here in the office on my Windows box I have that cube from the Hellraiser-movies. Or sometimes just a marquee saying things like "Don't stare at my screen and mind your own god-damn business!".

Nope, never use one. I find


Nope, never use one. I find them too annoying.



It's me spyro_boy.. I need take my password db everywhere it seems. (I'm at school)

Anyhow, I like to use xlock with the matrix screensaver but I stopped using it recently since it just slows me down. I just switch to a blank tty now. Still looks eleet and uses nothing more of resources Smiling

Striaght to black screen or

Striaght to black screen or stand by Smiling


a thing wrote:

Just a black screen. Why waste resources on something no one will see?

I agree completely..

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