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How do you feel about a karma [how useful your post was rating tool]?

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Bad Idea
100% (5 votes)
Total votes: 5





Could we please have karma on these forums, because we are all sensible, and it would be a nice feature instead/with postcount to see how much people are helping Smiling



Dont really see the point in this, there is a report to mod button for any crap posts, though it would be pretty good.
When we maybe get more questions it would be good

Nice idea. You're right it could be a good substitute for postcount ranks (that we've together decided at the beginning aren't necessary).

I'll look for a mod that could enable this and try it out..

Thanks for suggesting!


That would be really nice if it happens, I mean, if we do have ranks it should be by usefulness Smiling

I'm against ranks af any sort personnally - I think we should all be equal as no post count ranks have made us - but this may just be me.

Well, I'm actually undecisive on this, personally. Smiling So, whatever most of you want so shall it be.

I don't think it is something so critical to have or not to have, and though it is not ranked, post count is already displayed so at least by that a member can know how generally active another member is (which may in some cases be useful). If it would be beneficial to go higher, but per vote ranking instead of per post count ranking, then we'll have it.

You could make a poll in this thread onlinebacon if you'd like. Smiling


Yeah, I will do, although dylunio has a point, is there any reason to have people who are above other people in the forums, maybe it is just a better idea to have no post count, as just be happy to post?

Well it doesn't have to mean some people are above others, but rather just give credit to people that are more contributing than others. The Free Software community relies heavily on that. That kind of system is often called a meritocracy, as people are recognized and given credit on their merits.

If nothing, at least post count is left in the profile so people can at least see how many posts has a member made which gives a poster credit for every post he made, in a way, while letting others know to approximate how "new" the member is. But since we don't base any ranks on post count alone, it doesn't really put some people above others.


Yeah, fair enough, shall we still do Karma or shall we leave it?

**Turned into a vote**
We can simply vote, then that might reflect to the mods and admin oto weather it is a good idea or not...

No ranks of any type, please.


Voted as a bad idea, no ranks please any more

Hehe, change of mind just occured. Smiling I guess you guys spared me installing another hack. Eye

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