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Fedora for older machines

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I have a 686 233 with 64 megs of ram and 15 gig hard disk, I am trying to do a minimal server install with apache, php, and mysql, and it says I do not have enough RAM. I know accoording to the project web site I do not have enough ram, however I have seen many posts that say you can install it with 8 megs of ram. How can I xo this. I need a redhat based distro for the software I need to run, and it is not very resource hungry, I dont even want to run x.

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Welcome I am not sure, but


I am not sure, but maybe BLAG could run, although it is probably much like Fedora Core (as it is based on it), only stripped to one CD (like a Fedora remix).

I've looked a bit on distrowatch search section where you can specify to search for a distro for "old computers" based on a certain major distro, but unfortunately it didn't show anything for Fedora, RedHat and Mandriva based "old computer" distros. If it's really true that they don't exist, then I suppose you're left with slackware and arch based ones such as Vector.

Can't this software work on any GNU/Linux, no matter if it is RH based or not?

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You could get BLAG, then

You could get BLAG, then strip X

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IIRC there is a 'server'

IIRC there is a 'server' option during the install of blag which removes X etc.

I'm still not sure if there are any RH based distros which run on 64MB of RAM though...

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I can't remember seeing

I can't remember seeing that...maybe it was though..
I am sure without X and only a few services it would run on 64mb..

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