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Hello all,

I am encountering serious problems trying to use my computer.
I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo D 7830 laptop (P4 2.4GHz, 500 Mo RAM, Ati Radeon 9600) running Ubuntu Dapper.
I have used Ubuntu (5.4 and 6.6) for six months now and never had any serious problem. All my hardware is properly supported.

I messed up my sound drivers (or something related) when cleaning up a couple of packages.

Seems like I was wrong. Now the sound doesn't work and the sound icon in the upper-right corner shows there's no sound. When I click that icon it says that I'm either without GStreamer plugin or sound driver. I'm not sure which, but I guess GStreamer.

There are two main things I want to know about the new Dapper Drake release.

  • If I don't enable XGL, is it still very slow on an 800Mhz with 256MB RAM? That's all I have right now, unfortunately.

Dapper Duck..

The latest Ubuntu release is not so far away anymore and there are betas released every now and then. So has anyone tried it? What are your experiences so far and how it compares to the hoary release?