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I switched to Debian Lenny Beta 2 which is on its way to become the next stable Debian release and Debian Stable is known to be rock solid for stability. Yet somehow I'm not impressed..

I sometimes take weekends off for exploring some other things besides what I usually do (these websites etc.), often discovering new interests. It is almost always related in some way to some software. I mean what else? If it's astronomy then it's astronomy software, if it's programming (something I scratch so many times and yet never really deeply penetrate) then it's IDEs and stuff.. Today it's 3D. I'm thinking of getting and playing with Blender.

the problem is that when i finish dist-upgrade from stable to testing. it halt my computer beacause i notice that the mouse or keyboard or the computer light is not flashing. i have look into the ps, top and the lpci command, which i found nothing or may be i have looked into the wrong place

PPC + Debian

Hey all.

I have a Power Macintosh G3 (Baige). I would like to install GNU/Debian Linux but I have a major problem. The cd-drive is broken. I cant boot or mount anything(in mac os 9). I have read about doing it by floppy on I have burnt a few images to floppy and cant seem to boot any. Am I right in saying you dont need to hit any certain keys to boot from floppy? What image should I be using?

So, i've had a lot of time on my hands, been reading around and i found aptitude (a frontend to APT) is the recommended program for installing and upgrading software on (at least) debian.
I was planning on using it next time i installed debian, but found this bug: