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Was talking with Teron on IRC a bit and got to the subject of Beryl which reminded me of my problem with it. While 3D desktop is not really a must-have for productivity, when everything works smooth with it except one thing I gotta wonder why that one thing doesn't.

Looks like Nintendo's Wii may play a more important role in the GNU/Linux world than we thought. According to this video it is possible to control beryl window manager using Wiimote. If this is possible then I imagine replacing a mouse completely might be possible as well, which is a big deal if people find it easier to interact with their computer using a "remote" rather than a mouse.

I am looking to organize myself a bit better this year. I've had a rather bad habit of putting my to-do lists and notes in plain text files. It seemed the simplest. I would just put them on the desktop and add notes or to-do items as I need to. However, I end up having quite a few of them thrown around the desktop with a few quite bloated ones. It would've been better to have a wiki-like desktop tool where I can put and link all my notes in one place coherently.

It's Snowing!