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This might seem a bit foolish to some, but I'm doing it.. actually I've done it, nevertheless.

So far I have mixed feelings about Fedora. Good feelings come from the fact that it is a fully featured yet only Free Software distro, that it has some of the newest things like GNOME 2.16 and overall looks quite nice. However, bad things are slowness of yum, bad fonts in Firefox and the topic of this thread.

I've been talking a bit with a_thing about this in #nuxified IRC channel. I find yum to be quite slow. Not only does it apparently update the package database every time it is ran (which even on slower broadband networks can annoyingly slow down the overall install process), but calculating dependancies takes a bit longer than I'd like.

I have a 686 233 with 64 megs of ram and 15 gig hard disk, I am trying to do a minimal server install with apache, php, and mysql, and it says I do not have enough RAM. I know accoording to the project web site I do not have enough ram, however I have seen many posts that say you can install it with 8 megs of ram.

Fedora Core 5.0

Im having a problem after i installed fedora core 5.0 yesterday. when the system is loading the curser is shown but when the desktop appears, it's gone! i can move the mouse until the invisible curser finds a program then the program applet hightlights so i can open it. i went into the mouse properties and tried to find where i can activate a curser but theres nothing in that program to do that because theres supposed to be a curser in the first place!