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Community Spotlight

I was looking at Firefox's marketing project called Community Spotlight.

theobroma and I created two different versions of the logo for the gamefest. We will also be using the one that you select as site badges for the upcoming "media blitz".

Here we will list the necessary information about game servers for our game fest.

I just tried Armagetron Advanced and it seems to be a 3D version of the good old "snake" game.

I thought making a systematic list of games that could be played at the upcoming tournament would be a good idea. Here's a start (unsorted):

We have to have a reliable way of determining who is going to be participating in the upcoming gaming tournament. We have had various people express interest in various threads on the web, but we should have them all in one place.

While we don't have an official game list yet because it partly depends on the player interest and partly on the results of this poll which I'm not closing just yet (we need to get the word out to some more people including windows users first), I think this thread will be useful for shaping the tournament as it will be.

I started writing an article as a response to those who say that despite it continuously growing, GNU/Linux is too slow in displacing Windows on the desktop. I believe it is just getting started, but I'll save the elaboration for the article.

Favourite Linux Games?

Hey all,

I've recently changed to Linux, and I enjoy the occasional game (or two).
I was wondering what sort of games that Linux has, and was also wondering what your favourite was.

Please be sure to post the URL to the game also, as I may be interested in buying it Eye