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Acting on Landy's idea I am calling on all Free Software game communities with even a bit of aspiration to join the upcoming Freedomware Gamefest 2007

Although this whole sub-forum is dedicated to helping people with installing, setting up and running their Free Software games, considering this festival is a special event, if you need help installin

Two of the three games to start immediately with the yet to be decided start of the game festival are Nexuiz and OpenArena.

This is for everyone interested in playing tremulous in the upcoming game fest. It is one of the most popular games and its community has been most forthcoming about this festival.

A draft of a rule-set for the game fest is available on Libervis Wiki.

It's been recommended to me by Khalsa to use a backported Tremulous client instead of the official one in this gamefest.

I just tried Armagetron Advanced and it seems to be a 3D version of the good old "snake" game.

I dedicate this thread to the discussion of further ways of promoting the gaming tourney.

Tourney promo servers

In order to promote the coming gaming tournament it could be good to have some servers announce it in their notices or welcome messages.