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USE flag problem

[code]arthur / # emerge -vp glibc

These are the packages that would be merged, in order:

Calculating dependencies... done!
[ebuild R ] sys-libs/glibc-2.5 USE="nls -build -glibc-compat20 -glibc-omitfp -hardened (-multilib) (-nptl) (-nptlonly) -profile (-selinux)" 0 kB

Sound problem

Hey all, running getnoo on my ppc, I have alsa compiled into the kernel, and when i try to run alsmixer i get this;

[andy@DhunEideann ~ $ alsamixer

alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device

Oh yeah, the thing we've been waiting for. Gentoo now has an installer. Just look at the shots!

I'm having trouble printing with Gentoo, and CUPS. I have configured CUPS and the HP driver correctly (well I think) and when I go to print a test page it'll print a page which is 100% black. THis happens on 600dpi, and not on 300dpi, but I want 600dpi since the quality of images on 300dpi is bad.

I've recently found a small app named ufed which helps you choose USE flags for Gentoo. It reads the /etc/make.conf and gives you a list of all the USE flags available and alows you to read a description, select and save new USE flags. It's usful since I don't know each and every USE flag off by heart.

X forwarding

this one has me lost, maybe just not experienced enough with gentoo

it has always worked before (ie other distros)

basically it doesnint fine the display

[code:1]Earth:~ andy$ ssh -X

Gentoo and Cups+X

Does anyone here know why when you install cups 1.1.23 os gentoo, it'll want to install X as well.

Also do you know how to get it not to do this, I have already -X -X11 -x11 -xorg in my make conf,

So, all you gentooers, source mages and linux from scratchers that put so many time waiting to compile everything from source, is it really worth it and if yes why?

I heard gentoo users do it because of performance gain mostly so the logical question would be does the performance gained outweight the loss in compiling time?