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Corrupt Hard Drive?

Hey all,

I am fixing a friends computer that runs the Windows XP, but this is more of a hardware related question.

The computer is a very nice machine, and is extremely fast Laughing out loud

An interesting project just launched: It is in a rather effective way collecting information about hardware of people who run GNU/Linux and letting those same users rate the support of this hardware on site leading to a creation of something that could be a very useful hardware support database for GNU/Linux.

North Wales Novice 2!

Phew! I promise to be a more responsible Novice from now on! Myn Effern!

If any newcomers missed my little intro, please see: Elfed Dowler-Jones, he knows me just as well as I do. Back in a moment: Special thanks to: a thing, free-zombie, dylunio, libervisco, reptiler and AndrewB!

Hardware Hacking

Hey guys, just after a small chat on IRC it seems some of you have hacked away at hardware in different ways, I was just wondering what you have all done?

This could be anything from making a pc inside a tux frame to inserting a webcam into your fridge.