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KDE will not start up

I updated my kernel recently, so I rebooted. To my surprise, KDE would not start up when I booted back up. KSplash went fine, but that is it. Output of stderr from startx:

Alternative to KNemo?

The default Sidux install is with KDE and there I noticed an awesome little tray app called KNemo which detects when there is a new network connection (for example, when my sisters connect with their computer (which happens automatically when they turn it on). It also has detailed info when you click on it.

Well, the situation is strange... I tried moving to KDE from GNOME and I even liked it but there is a weird thing. KDE crashes my laptop. Completely. After a few hours of using it it just hangs up upon some action, like a desktop switch or right-click on some icon in Konqueror -- in all cases it's some KDE-related thing. The computer crashes completely then. I can't kill X, reboot or even ping my laptop from the outside. Only power off helps. In GNOME, it has never happened, neither in FVWM-Crystal. I suspected arts daemon so I uninstalled it, but it didn't help.