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This is the forum where you can ask for help in choosing a GNU/Linux distro, or give help to those who need it. You can discuss any topic that closely relates to helping you choose a distro and get started with it (which will likely affect your decision anyway).


As we all know, ZFS is by far the best file system.

In a few weeks, Crispy, a member of Cluenet (a community dedicated to providing free high-quality services), will be giving free lessons, from scratch, in learning how to program in C.

I have what I think may be a useful project but which I many not find time to work on now. Even if I do, many can contribute to the project without putting in too much work.

Although this whole sub-forum is dedicated to helping people with installing, setting up and running their Free Software games, considering this festival is a special event, if you need help installin

Linux appears to be hitting the mainstream. When listening to the radio on Friday, I about wept.

I started writing an article as a response to those who say that despite it continuously growing, GNU/Linux is too slow in displacing Windows on the desktop. I believe it is just getting started, but I'll save the elaboration for the article.

We just added two new articles on!

First one is a (pretty much positive) Mandriva 2007.1 review by our special contributor Paulina Budzoń:

Hello I'm new here and new to other operating systems as I'm on windows home. I am looking into cutting hosting costs and building my own server to host my websites which will leave me just paying for domain names.