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Apt broke...again

Hmm, I seem to have broke apt again somehow. I seem to be good at doing this now heh.
Anyway, basically I performed an update through the 'update' tool, and woke up this morning to a tonne of errors. I re-ran apt-get upgrade and got the following;

This is a multilingual announcement!

English translated into Catalan, new domains and upcoming things

Hello, everyone.

We are glad to announce a new release for, codenamed FireHippopotamus, after more than a month of hard work.

Previously in this forum, about 6 months ago, I talked about how to combine XUL, thttpd, ngs-js (or your favorite CGI command-line language like Perl, Python, or PHP), and perhaps SQLite -- all to create Linux standalone applications (instead of web apps).

Ubuntu World!

Hmm, the whole world seems to be going Ubuntu based!
There are millions of site's out there, designed for the users, digg is packed with their storys!
You have ubuntu cds everywhere. They are nearly as universal as the AOL beverage holder!