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Did you convert anyone to GNU/Linux, like friends of family members? How did you do it and how do they like their new operating system?

This thread is about sharing those kinds of stories.

I'll start with mine, as an example.

iPod Killer

Hey guys, I came across this article.
I did not read the date to be released and was trying to find one on ebay! Sadly ain't out till 2007. And to

Did you notice that the most flourishing area of gaming on GNU/Linux are deathmatch, arena style first person shooters (FPS)? We have Nexuiz, AlienArena, OpenArena, Tremulous, Quake 3 etc. and it's all about running around shooting (or fragging) as many bots as possible with extra juicy blood and meat butchering effects.

Perfect OS

I have a weakness and it is an inability to settle on one thing, its pros and cons and be still. Cons always get me looking for something new and different. If there is even a slight irritation or an envisioned possibility of something significantly better I have a desire to pursue that even if I'm not sure I'd be able or motivated enough to go all the way.