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For quite a while things have been going rather slow and easy around here, but nevertheless has quite a bit of value stored in and even added every once in a while with an occasional foru

This thread is for discussing anything related to the setting up of, a little sub site at to host useful scri

I thought making a systematic list of games that could be played at the upcoming tournament would be a good idea. Here's a start (unsorted):

Taco suggested DON'T PANIC (er.. excuse, it's not shouting it's an acronym), to be the endorsed as the official rescue disk of which we would recommend every time someone needs a rescue disk to solve a certain issue.

Drupal 5

Drupal 5 has been released so before anyone asks, yes (as well as our sister site will be upgraded to this latest and greatest release of Drupal at some point, but not today and not necessarily soon. It may happen in a few months time.

Hello everyone,

As you are probably aware there are things happening in the development of the next Ubuntu version, recently. In particular I am concerned about the future of the distro regarding proprietary drivers. Libervisco brought this up several times recently.

Well I found this blog post by Ubuntu developer Benjamin Mako Hill to be extremely well-balanced. I really recommend you read it.

I fully support the opinion he develops in this post, and I thought,

could make a statement to the Ubuntu development community about this?

I've been pretty actively working on this for a couple of days already. It's not a wholesale redesign of the site, but rather an incremental improvement in style and most importantly usability.

Most of the changes are in the header which now features a centered main menu whose items stay highlited when you are within a section they represent. This helps let users know at which major part of the site they currently are. Even if you are watching a forum topic (not just a forum index), the "forums" item will be highlighted. And same goes for blogs, articles, polls and screenshots.

As mentioned, I am planning certain usability improvements, starting with navigation. It should and will be more clear and it will be a rule for a visitor to know in which section on the site he or she is at a glance easily being able to jump back and forth various parts of the site without getting lost.

more forum merging

We still have some rather thin forums with not a lot of activity so I'm thinking more merges could do good. I suppose it just wasn't such a good idea to start with many forums in the very beginning of the site (even when it was phpbb powered). When it's new it has to have only very few forums despite the topics it covers, and then expand from there.