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For quite a while things have been going rather slow and easy around here, but nevertheless has quite a bit of value stored in and even added every once in a while with an occasional foru

This thread is for discussing anything related to the setting up of, a little sub site at to host useful scri

I thought making a systematic list of games that could be played at the upcoming tournament would be a good idea. Here's a start (unsorted):

Taco suggested DON'T PANIC (er.. excuse, it's not shouting it's an acronym), to be the endorsed as the official rescue disk of which we would recommend every time someone needs a rescue disk to solve a certain issue.

Drupal 5

Drupal 5 has been released so before anyone asks, yes (as well as our sister site will be upgraded to this latest and greatest release of Drupal at some point, but not today and not necessarily soon. It may happen in a few months time.