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Some people consider screensavers to be a waste of resources. They can be beautiful, but almost noone looks at them since they usually activate when user is the away.

Password Protect

Hey all,

I am wondering if this is possible to do. Basically I want my GNU/Linux system to lock when the screensaver comes on which is easy enough to setup.
Instead of having to enter my password I want it to just go to the desktop with no need to enter password given that I have my usb pen in a usb socket on the computer.

Disabling Screensaver

My screensaver on my Office Ubuntu Breezy is locking up occasionally. The one at home is not. Both are set on blank screen.

Unless you can help me figure out what's locking up screensaver, I'd like to permanently disable it and just do ALT+F3 when I leave at night. (No one in my office knows Linux well enough to get in. Plus, we have tight security.)