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Tournament Screenshots

Here you can post screenshots from your tournament games.

Try to include which game/type and note that a DEMO is STILL required.

Open Arena 1on1
W1ZrD vs. KIAaze
OA_DM4 & Aggressor

Here we will list the necessary information about game servers for our game fest.

I dedicate this thread to the discussion of further ways of promoting the gaming tourney.

Tourney promo servers

In order to promote the coming gaming tournament it could be good to have some servers announce it in their notices or welcome messages.

Tournament planning

For the sake of clarity I'm opening this thread for discussing the planning issues regarding our upcoming tournament.

The sign up thread is for those who seriously want to participate in the tourney, so we seriously count on them.

We have to have a reliable way of determining who is going to be participating in the upcoming gaming tournament. We have had various people express interest in various threads on the web, but we should have them all in one place.

While we don't have an official game list yet because it partly depends on the player interest and partly on the results of this poll which I'm not closing just yet (we need to get the word out to some more people including windows users first), I think this thread will be useful for shaping the tournament as it will be.