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Although this whole sub-forum is dedicated to helping people with installing, setting up and running their Free Software games, considering this festival is a special event, if you need help installin

I downloaded Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy AMD64 version and wanted to try it out via a livecd.

Linux appears to be hitting the mainstream. When listening to the radio on Friday, I about wept.

I recently noticed from someone's hotmail account that it came with an automatic signature that read:

Discover the new Windows Vista (Learn more!)

The (Learn more!) took me to:

Password Protect

Hey all,

I am wondering if this is possible to do. Basically I want my GNU/Linux system to lock when the screensaver comes on which is easy enough to setup.
Instead of having to enter my password I want it to just go to the desktop with no need to enter password given that I have my usb pen in a usb socket on the computer.