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Feisty is out

Just a few minutes ago there was an official word (from whom exactly I'm not sure) that feisty is out. Slashdot already already had a story. changed homepage to download mirrors.

Ubuntu 7.04

Did you see this Ubuntu 7.04 (feisty) (p)review. Despite what I think about some the recent strategic moves by Ubuntu I am impressed by what is coming. After reading that review I was just thinking "can it get any better than this?". I mean, it's so polished that there's pretty much no real arguments left for anyone who opposes switching to the GNU/Linux desktop based on "it's hard to use" or "it's hard to install software" or anything like that.

Guide; DirectFB and ppc

This guide is mainly writen for a friend trying to help him. I needed somewhere to pasebin it, but I will share anyway..

Ok, so first we need to get the framebuffer and libs.

sudo apt-get install libdirectfb-dev fbset

Apt broke...again

Hmm, I seem to have broke apt again somehow. I seem to be good at doing this now heh.
Anyway, basically I performed an update through the 'update' tool, and woke up this morning to a tonne of errors. I re-ran apt-get upgrade and got the following;

Was talking with Teron on IRC a bit and got to the subject of Beryl which reminded me of my problem with it. While 3D desktop is not really a must-have for productivity, when everything works smooth with it except one thing I gotta wonder why that one thing doesn't.