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I want to make a minimal Ubuntu Live CD for distributing my PHP/PostgreSQL Web app and letting users try it out the easy way.

Hopefully the features will be:

* 'ne' command line editor
* Standard GNU tools like tr, ls, tar, grep, sort, pspell, etc.

I wanted to try out the latest GNUStep and then possibly etoile which looks quite interesting. However trying to install GNUStep I encountered a conflict I couldn't resolve so far.


I would like to know which is your favourite music- and/or videoplayer in ubuntu?
AND what good codecs you use along with it!!!


Ubuntu World!

Hmm, the whole world seems to be going Ubuntu based!
There are millions of site's out there, designed for the users, digg is packed with their storys!
You have ubuntu cds everywhere. They are nearly as universal as the AOL beverage holder!

Hello everyone,

As you are probably aware there are things happening in the development of the next Ubuntu version, recently. In particular I am concerned about the future of the distro regarding proprietary drivers. Libervisco brought this up several times recently.

Well I found this blog post by Ubuntu developer Benjamin Mako Hill to be extremely well-balanced. I really recommend you read it.

I fully support the opinion he develops in this post, and I thought,

could make a statement to the Ubuntu development community about this?