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I'm thinking about installing Enlightenment DR17 on my new Ubuntu Dapper and there seem to be a few options. I can download the packages from here and install manually, add a repository like described here or use some kind of a third party installer.

I messed up my sound drivers (or something related) when cleaning up a couple of packages.

Seems like I was wrong. Now the sound doesn't work and the sound icon in the upper-right corner shows there's no sound. When I click that icon it says that I'm either without GStreamer plugin or sound driver. I'm not sure which, but I guess GStreamer.

What file can I edit, or gconf key, so that when I insert a USB memory stick drive, it loads Thunar instead of Nautilus? I use Thunar now instead of Nautilus because it's zippier. (BTW, I even use it on my fast machine at the office too.)

I have Ubuntu Breezy.

Hi, I'm new to the forum and Ubuntu.

Read a lot on the web about installing my wireless card.

Works fine on the Win2000 side of the dual boot on my Dell Latitude.

Got driver from windows install disk for the Ubuntu side.

I strongly believe that the latest PostgreSQL security patch that I have installed from Ubuntu has slowed down PostgreSQL. It now takes an extra half-second to a second to display a result!

The patch was to block remote SQL injection or something like that, I think.