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There are two main things I want to know about the new Dapper Drake release.

  • If I don't enable XGL, is it still very slow on an 800Mhz with 256MB RAM? That's all I have right now, unfortunately.

Ubuntu Terminal "MAKE"

Ok i just recently installed ubuntu... now i want the KDE desktop/window manager. I have the KDE packages extracted on my b]desktop. I use the terminal to cd to the directory. all is good! Now the next step with the packages is type make to build it.

Someone who shall remain unnamed wants to know if ubuntu dapper can be installed with lilo as bootloader. Apparently grub can only install to the MBR (is this actually true?), and they don't want that.

If you have Ubuntu, you may have the dreaded e02a bug where, when you do tail -f /var/log/messages and begin typing, eventually an error will repeatedly pop out that complains about setkeycodes and a keystroke named e02a.

Ubuntu Bugs

I'm trying to lure a new user, Keith, to here. He used to work at or with Microsoft, much like me, knows a thing or two about development, and now uses Ubuntu. He's new to the whole Linux scene. His website is below and I found out about him on